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TAYLOR MEIER | Sounds of the Midwest

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A Conversation with Taylor Meier (CAAMP, Sumbuck, Wax Jackets)

Photos by Tommy Moore and Ben Meier

Interview by Tommy Moore

Started by boyhood friends Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier, CAAMP came to life in Athens, Ohio. Taylor began penning and playing original songs at coffee shops around Athens in 2013. Evan moved down a couple of years later and together in a hazy attic, enjoying light beers, they would find the heartfelt sound that became CAAMP. Since independently releasing their self-titled first record in 2016, they have climbed Spotify charts, headlined the US, purchased denim jackets and added a bass-playing buddy, Matt Vinson, who also enjoys light beers and denim.

With the recent release of their fourth album, 'Lavender Days', the fellas put their growth on display. They slow down and look back on the in-between days filled with patience and growth that have slowly propelled them over the past decade. They focus on "the days sewn in your heart, that make you who you are," over the course of this full and fitting record.

A little over two years ago, Taylor released his first solo album, “Oh Sweet Cafe Racer,” under the name Sumbuck. From start to finish, the project feels like a summer day in the Midwest. With rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon, and a clear sky sunset over the lake, the album’s a sliver of Mid-American paradise. Since, Taylor has continued releasing songs under the name playing an elusive Sumbuck show every so often.

Right after the release of Sumbuck's 'Oh Sweet Cafe Racer', we sat down with Taylor to talk about his creative process, the CAAMP sound, and his connection to the outdoors.

CAAMP / Sumbuck on Tour

Taylor is hitting the road for a stretch of dates with CAAMP and Sumbuck this summer. You can find tickets for each of those tours here: CAAMP Tour / Sumbuck Tour.

Awhile back in DAYBREAK V.2, we featured a chat with Taylor. You can grab a copy of that issue here.


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