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DEADLINE 5.19.24

The seasons of life are not regulatory. They follow no specific rhythm, but are guided by forces that are sometimes internal, sometimes external. Some lives will have many seasons, some far fewer, but regardless of how many seasons we experience, the transition period--the “in-between” time of life--always tends to be a mixture of daunting, mystical, and eye-opening.


A new tide is rolling in and faint ripples of water are smoothing the shoreline. In DAYBREAK V.6, we’re opening up our pages to new chapters, to new people, to new places. We’re searching for stories revolving around the ideas of off season, in-between time, down time, changing seasons, taking a breath, and changing tides.


Cheers to spring and cheers to you. We’ll see you out there.


Submission Deadline: May 19th, 2024



All submissions should include:

High Resolution Images


DAYBREAK imagery submissions should be high resolution (JPEG) files that are at least 300 DPI. Submissions should be at least 2500 pixels on the longest side.  


Complete or Outlined Narrative/Essay/Article


All submissions should tell a complete story. Likely, that will require a written element. Written work should be between 600 and 2000 words sent via Microsoft document. (A writing sample may be requested if an outline is submitted.)

With all files, please include your last name in the file nomenclature. 

Please send submissions and any questions to

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