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DAYBREAK is a biannual, independent print publication focusing on creatives in the outdoors. At our core, we are a collective celebrating natural light and how it choreographs our time outside. 


Our goal is to build a platform to highlight the unheard voices of creatives in the outdoor world. Shifting the focus towards makers and their work, the print juxtaposes the grittiness of a standard adventure magazine with the simplicity and airiness of a museum grade art book. 


We believe light is the visual soundtrack that sets the scene for each of our lives. As creatives in the outdoor world, we’re always working in tandem with our natural counterpart. We’re made up of dirtbags who clean up well. We’ll sleep in our rigs, button up for our day jobs, and get right back out there as soon as we clock out. We love being outside, as comfortable or uncomfortable as it may be.



Tommy Moore

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Tommy Moore is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of DAYBREAK Magazine. He works as a designer for an architecture and design studio by day, and spends his nights writing, shooting, and editing for DAYBREAK and other personal projects. Tommy was raised in SW Michigan in small, beach town on the sandy coast of Lake Michigan.  Those who have traveled with Tommy will tell you all he cares about is the plan for sunrise and sunset. This is, well, pretty damn true. From a young age, Tommy’s found his inspiration, peace, and energy in that of the rising and setting sun.




Chuck Schwarting

Surf / Skate / Snow Contributor

Born in St. Joseph, MI, Chuck Schwarting grew up exploring and pushing the boundaries of what Great Lakes’ waves could offer. Still and avid surfer and skater, he now lives in Detroit, MI where he’s a graphic designer.



Hannah Moore


Hannah Moore is a disabled queer femme from Michigan. She currently lives in Massachusetts, where she is a Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies major and Africana Studies concentrator at Williams College. Her work focuses on the intersections of gender, queerness, race, and disability. Hannah spends her spare time bingeing Netflix, finding ways to get covered in dog fur, and giving herself anxiety with crafts.


We'll get right back to ya.

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