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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

A Conversation With Jamestown Revival's Jonathon Clay

Photos and Interview by Tommy Moore

Jonathon Clay and Zach Chance of Jamestown Revival backstage of the Rave in Milwaukee, WI.

Jamestown Revival is a folk duo comprised of Zach Chance and Jonathon Clay. With four studio albums and numerous other projects under their belts, the duo has made a name for themselves in the world of folk music. Their Texas roots ring through the pair’s hooks and harmonies and find a home in so many of the tales they tell.

Early in 2022, Jamestown Revival released their most recent album, Young Man. A stripped down insight into the daily rambles of life, the record pays homage to the dirt road they’ve been traveling down. Fond tales of the past merge with thoughts of growing older to create an all-encompassing view into the mind of a well-traveled soul. Written like an old western, the duo’s writing paints the dusty picture of a quieter life far from the city.

As they were recording and finishing their latest record, I sat down with Jonathon to dive into the duo’s previous project, Fireside With Louis L’Amour, and their now released record, Young Man. A few months later, I was able to catch up with the pair at the Rave in Milwaukee, WI, as they were rounding out a long stretch of tour. Seeing the weight of so many consecutive nights in their eyes, I spared them from sitting through another interview. However, I was able to squeeze a few minutes behind the lens with both of them as they settled in for their set.


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