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V.4 - Framed Painting Tee

V.4 - Framed Painting Tee


DAYBREAK V.4 - Framed Painting Tee


The first edition of our volume specific 'framed painting tees'. Every new book has a unique framed painting designed specifically for the given volume. V.4's shirt has a nod to concert tour posters, listing off the volume's contributing creators and organizations.


The Specs:

Printed locally in Chicago, IL.

100% Cotton

Heavyweight "Ultra Cotton"

Fits true to size with slightly downsized sleeves.


Graphics by Sid Ylagan.


Please allow for up to ten business days of processing time once your order is complete. We're a very small operation, and often times we're out of the studio for a week or more. Now is the time to take a swig of your coffee, dive into the lake, and relax.

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