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Introducing The First DAYBREAK Flash Sheet by Hannah Kirchen

Words by Tommy Moore

Published January 31, 2024

With DAYBREAK V.5, we're kicking off the tradition of printing a flash sheet inside of all our books. Designs curated by us, by our favorite artists, for you to take to your favorite tattoo artists.

The first flash sheet installment is by our talented pal, illustrator Hannah Kirchen. For years, we've been drawn to her simple and bold style, and we're stoked to have her along for the ride for V.5.

DAYBREAK V.5 Flash Sheet by Hannah Kirchen

It's a selfish way of us handling our own tattoo addictions, but we wanted to bring ya'll into the mix along the way. We've already gotten a couple for ourselves, and would love to see anything that you get as well. Please feel free to tag us in any posts on social of you getting any of the tats with your favorite artists!


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